Vale of Pnath: Details on New Album Between The Worlds of Life and Death Revealed

Vale of Pnath has unveiled exciting details about their upcoming album, “Between The Worlds of Life and Death.” Set to be released on May 24th via Willowtip Records, the Denver tech death unit aims to build on the success of their previous EP, “Accursed,” by infusing their signature tech death sound with a blackened metal approach.

The band’s latest offering promises to capture their core sound while delivering a fresh and bold take on the genre. With guest appearances from notable musicians and a music video for their single “Burning Light,” Vale of Pnath is eager to create their most accessible album yet, captivating metal fans from the very first listen.

Furthermore, the band has announced a U.S. tour in May, sharing the stage with co-headliners Abigail Williams and special guests Summoning The Lich. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Vale of Pnath’s powerful live performance. Check out the article for more information and tour dates.

Denver Tech Death Band Vale of Pnath Announces New Album

Exciting news for metal fans! Denver-based tech death band Vale of Pnath has recently made an announcement that is sure to get heads banging. The band is set to release their highly anticipated new album, “Between The Worlds of Life and Death,” on May 24th via Willowtip Records. This is a release that fans have been eagerly waiting for, as it marks the first full-length album from Vale of Pnath in five years.

EP “Accursed” as a New Avenue for the Band

Vale of Pnath took a bold step forward with their last EP, “Accursed,” by incorporating a more blackened metal sound into their signature tech death style. This stylistic evolution opened up new possibilities for the band and allowed them to explore different territories within their music. It served as a gateway to the next era of their sound, paving the way for their upcoming album.

“Between The Worlds of Life and Death” – A Continuation of Their Sound

With “Between The Worlds of Life and Death,” Vale of Pnath continues to build upon the foundation they established with “Accursed.” The album captures the band’s core sound while also pushing boundaries and presenting a fresh and daring take on their brand of metal. It promises to be an immersive and captivating experience, drawing listeners in from the first note and leaving them craving more.

Tracklisting for “Between The Worlds of Life and Death”

Here is the tracklisting for Vale of Pnath’s upcoming album:

  1. The Forgotten Path (Intro)
  2. Silent Prayer
  3. Soul Offering
  4. Shadow
  5. Uncertain Tomorrow
  6. Beneath Ashen Skies
  7. No Return, No Regret
  8. Echoes Of The Past (Interlude)
  9. Burning Light

This meticulously crafted lineup of tracks showcases the band’s artistic vision and showcases their ability to create compelling music with depth and intensity. Each song on the album is a unique sonic journey that will leave a lasting impression on listeners.

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